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The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 50

The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 50


  • Nutcracker: Join a modern version of a musical theatre play - The Nutcracker at the dock. Steen Koerner, Clemens and Joakim plover has made the traditional experience beautiful and acrobatic with plays, music, street dance and skaters. The Nutcracker will be representing an elegant conception of the good fight against evil. A moving Christmas tale for children, youth and adults. This version of the Nutcracker has gone in Tivoli, at Aveny-T and the Aarhus Theatre. Come and join the crowed. When: 19:00. Where: Culture Docken, North Harbour, Færgehavnsvej 35, Nordhavn. More info about tickets here.
  • Open-air Ice-skating and Gløgg:  No Christimas is complete without at least one trip to the Ice-skating rink at Frederiksberg Gardens. Kick off your weekend with a few fun hours of skating by the entrance to the beautiful gardens. The tour start at 13:00 at Frederiksbergs – Karmaman, which is a modern take on an old-fashioned food market where you will be able to get a warm glass of gløgg (or if you prefer a beer or soda) and then walk a few hundred meters up the treelined Frederiksbergs Allé until we are at the skating rink. The rental of skates  is incl. in the priceas well as a gløgg/beer/soda and then you will be ready to try your best just like Bambi on Ice. When: 14:00-17:00 pm .Where: Karmaman foodmarket, Frederiksberg Allé 31, 2000. More info here.  
  • Green Christmas at RETRO: This year, Retro Nørrebro will host a special event to celebrate everything that makes the christmas holidays great. It is also a way to promote local businesses and encourage green and homemade products. If you would like to come meet with young and dynamic entrepreneurs and discuss with them the challenges and opportunities for start-ups in Copenhagen, this event is for you. If you just want to enjoy a beautiful winter day, eat tasty waffles and drink delicious glogg, while looking for original Christmas gifts, this event is ALSO for you! Here you will be able to discover green and homemade products made locally, and find a unique gift for a loved-one or even for yourself. Grab a delicious glogg and some aebleskiver , and enjoy a delightful day with your neighbours, family and friends. When: 11:00 - 16:00. Where: RETRO Nørrebro, Jægersborggade 14, 2200 Copenhagen. More info here.  
  • 24DMK: Genbrugsjul with Gro Selv: Nørrebro's Advent Calendar 24 Days With Culture open its door with recycling and DIY workshop. Here you will be able to find christmas gifts on a budget. They recycle bicycle tubes for computer covers, find materials and builds fantastic handcraft christmas creations. GRO SELV has many DIY guides and share all their recipes, you can use to make your own Christmas gold. Join the workshop and bring your friends and family along with  you. When: 17:00. ( Free entrance).Where: Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, Copenhagen N.
  • Recycle Gift Market on Blågårdsplads: December can be dark and cold if you do not have Christmas atmosphere to unite around. It is a framework in which regardless of religion and economy, you are able to join the christmas spirit at a free gift recycling market. Here you will also have the possibility to gather around the Christmas traditions package game, fritters and hot drinks. You can help in several ways: turn in your old treasures in clean and orderly condition (clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, make-up, furniture, electronics, shoes, bags and among other things) sign up as a volunteer to help us sort out the treasures and create a delicious recycled gift shop sign up as a volunteer to wrap gifts (we take care of wrapping paper, ribbons and to-and-from the card) sign up as a volunteer to arrange package games and do other Christmas play with the little ones (we collect small gifts into the package game).When: 12: 00-18: 00. Where: Blågårdsplads, 2200 Copenhagen N. More info here.


  • TOY - ceramic toy: The Christmas exhibition periods with new 'toys' in ceramics for children and adults. The exhibition teeming with Christmas gifts for children and young at heart, everything from quirky toys and games for Ursula Munch-Petersen doll frame. Russian Dolls, Trolls, Domino Games, Professor Dice and do-it-yourself kits. Maybe a trip to the Twisting machine, a tableau of hysteria, Agriculture, USA-trip? - Or just an erotic family car? Tenders are many, and the imagination has no limits when the childish soul to be pampered. It is not a new Experimentarium, but close to, when a bunch of ceramic artists of all ages is raging. When: Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-17:00. (admission free). Where: Ann Linnemann studio gallery, Kronprinsessegade 51, Copenhagen K. More info here.
 photo by: Christina Egeris Vandborg

photo by: Christina Egeris Vandborg

  • Christmas Workshop and pixie hunt at the Zoological Museum: Put a personal touch on the Christmas tree this year with a braided dinosaur Christmas heart or a cone with a mammoth. Join the Christmas workshop, whereall children and adults are welcome to sit in comfort and have fun together in the Christmas workshop at the Zoological Museum. Here you can cut your own Christmas decorations with fine animal motifs. The elves have escaped from the Zoological Museum's collections and has been hiding in the exhibitions in the animals. Take the gnome hunting through the museum and  find them. Use your eyes, guess with the questions and discover new animals and gnomes. The workshop is free when paid admission for the museum. When: 10-16. Where: Zoological Museum, University Park, 15, Copenhagen.More info here.

Frederiksberg ' hyggeligste' Christmas Market: invites SLOW to Christmas atmosphere the Inspiration, take the whole family with you to  enjoy a glass of eco-apple gløggwith homemade cakes. Here you will also have the chance to buy biodynamic vegetables and eco-Christmas tree. There will be workshops around how to grow your small fine seeds for sprouting winter vegetables - which tastes great and gives good vitamins on the table. 'Frøværkstedet' is for both the children and the adults and everyone gets its own little "seed-box" home. The workshop is open all day and it's free of charge. Besides, there will also be the Biodynamic Christmas Box - vegetables from Birkemose Gaard ( you can order them on: kassen@birkemosegaard.dk and have it collected at the event). Thus, you will also have the chance to try Natural wines from Rosfort & Rosfort and the chance to buy some to take home for Christmas and New Year's eve.  Come and join  this free workshop where you can also learn how to ferment your own red cabbage. You can also taste and get a recipe home. Enjoy the greenest Christmas market! When: 11:00 (Free admission). Where: SLOW, Allegade 7, Frederiksberg. More info here

  • Children's Workshop: Christmas at SMK: Join the Christmas spirit at the Children's Workshop in SMK. You will be able to make beautiful, fun, imaginative, crazy Christmas angels. You can also cut Christmas cards that you can send to your family, neighbours and friends. The workshop has a lot of feathers, silver and gold paper and many other fun materials, in which you can use to  create floating angels and make your own Christmas cards collage.  When: 11:30 to 16:30. Where: National Gallery of Art, Silver Street 48-50, Copenhagen K. More info here. 

  • Christmas concert with choir Ørevox: Join  a choir that sings very varied program of both classical and rhythmic songs. Here all vocal music lovers are welcome and there will be also a few known common songs in the program. When: 12.30. (Free admission). Where: Metronome, Godthåbsvej 33, Frederiksberg. More info here.
  • Workshop on recycling Christmas decorations: Make Christmas a little greener by making your own christmas decorations from recycled materials. Sarah Maria Fritsche inspire and make materials available. It takes place in sensory room at the school in  Sydhavn (South Harbour). You  and your family are welcome to join a cozy afternoon at School in South Harbour, where templates will be available and you can get inspiration and help to build your own decoration. So  Different materials will be available for your imagination. So, come and spread the Christmas spirit with them and get some nice Christmas decorations to take home. When: 14:00-17:00. Where: Sans Hall, Støberigade 3-7, Copenhagen SV. More info here.
  • Free Training - Tai Chi - Yang Style: Would you like to learn Tai Chi or try it out? FTQF have free training this Saturdays at Duevejens School, organized by Tai Chi & Qigong Association in Frederiksberg. When: 10-13. Where: School on Duevej, Duevej 63, Frederiksberg. For more info contact Karin Nyberg, director, by mob: 2169 1803 or by e-mail: karin@slowset.dk, Lotuspark.


  • Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables: Have you heard of The Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables exhibition? No?! Don't worry, this Saturday take some time aside from your Christmas shopping tour and come and see one of the most popular Christmas events in Copenhagen. Every year, the tables are set by different artists and celebrities, and the tables are on display on the first and second floor in the Royal Copenhagen flagship store at Strøget. The tradition began in 1963 and has since been very popular. Six tables, each with their wonderful story, provide a creative view of Christmas. Traditionally, well-known artists have been invited to interpret their favourite Christmas table setting. And they are free to choose from any of Royal Copenhagen’s comprehensive collection of iconic porcelain, sophisticated figurines and historical collectibles. This year, Royal Copenhagen has invited five Danish brands and one international. The Danish participants are Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave from Baum und Pferdgarten; Charlotte Eskildsen from Designers Remix; Ole Yde from Yde; Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan - each of whom have impressive international reputation. When: 10:00-18:00. Where: Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store
    Amagertorv 6 , 1160 København K . More info here.
  • Free guided tour - 1950: This Sunday you will have the change to get a free guided tour Throughout the 50's universe. Here in the winter season, which is open on Sundays Café and Beer-Halle "1892", you may want to combine the trip with a nice herring buffet or Christmas cakes in the basement. When: 14:00 to 14:45. Where: Workers Museum, Rømersgade 22, Copenhagen K. More info here
  • Family Workshop - gingerbread baker: An edible, sweet spicy house? That's exactly what a peberkagehus is! Come and build your own peberkagehus and take it home as edible decorations throughout December. Here you can let your creativity guide you and go crazy with baked brown cake, icing and candies. Perhaps it could be the start of a new pleasant Christmas tradition for the architecture interested? At the Architecture Center, they of course take gingerbread houses very seriously. Here you can reflect upon how should it look like? Should it be modern or old, with a tower or lots of ornaments? There will be pre-baked items, so the trouble of dough and greasy fingers will not be part of the workshop. The only thing you will have to do is to assemble the house with hot sugar and decorate for the big gold medal. You can take that selfie with your peberkagehus and join a great competition for the title this year Peberkagehus.When: 12 to 14.30. (Admission: 350) Where: DAC, Danish Architecture Center, Old Dock Warehouse, Beach Street 27 B, Copenhagen K. More info here.
  • Guided tour: What do we need art for? : Have you ever asked yourself what we really need art for?Despite increasing visitor numbers to the country's museums cut in operating funds so diverse culture of guns and manifestos must fight to bring eligibility for art's presence on the agenda. Evidence suggests that art is no longer worth it as it once was. And what should we use it today? Come closer to an answer with a guided tour through the museum's permanent collections of 700 years of art history. When: 14:00- 14:50. Where: National Gallery of Art, Silver Street 48-50, Copenhagen K. More info here.
The Ultimate weekend guide - week 51

The Ultimate weekend guide - week 51

Sustainable Christmas Guide

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