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The Ultimate weekend guide - week 4

The Ultimate weekend guide - week 4


  • Experimentarium opens its doors:  After 3 years of renovation and extensive expansion Experimentarium has finally open the doors to the new Experimentarium with a wealth of new science activities for the curious of all ages. Blow fantastic soap bubbles in Bubble Riet. Try the world's largest interactive ball track. Turn the tones depends on Lyslabyrintens laser harp. Go on a virtual underwater safari in the submarine. Spring for life on tree trunks in a rushing river in the Interactive Cinema. And much more. When: 09:30 - 17:00. ( also in the weekends from 10:00-17:00). Where: Experimentarium,Tuborg Havnevej 7, 2900 Hellerup, Kobenhavn. More info here.

  • Musician, saxophonist Karsten Vogel : Karsten Vogel holds  an event with lectures, music and exhibition of pictures from the time the middle sixties. Here you will also be served  a little to eat and a glass of something. There is only a limited amount of space for  25 participants this evening so registration is required. When: 18:00-21:00. (Free admission). Where: Gallery ØckenLund, Crown Princess Sofie Road 6, st. tv., Frederiksberg. More info here


  • Open house: Puppet theater for children between 1-4 years old and it last 40 minutes without intermission. The play is about Ragnhild who remembers his 4 th birthday, where tøjhunden hunni was away in the big dollhouse. There are new surprises and classical music each time a door  opens. Come and join the play! When: 09:30 & 10:45. Where: Riddersalen, Allégade 7-9, Frederiksberg. More info here. 

  • TANGO MILONGA in Dansekapellets beautiful Kuppelsal:  Are you in the mood for some Argentinian tango? At Dansekapellets' beautiful Kuppelsal you will have the change to learn some tango moves or practice the ones you already have. In collaboration with Tango Amor keeps Dansekapellet a true Argentine tango salon; one milonga. This event takes place  every other Friday and last Saturday of each month.When: 19:00-20:00. Where: Dansekapellet,Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København NV.More info here
  • Ronja: Look forward to Astrid Lindgren and Sebastian Ronja in an exciting and adventurous new setup. Dramatized by Annina Enckell. Hear all Sebastian knew and loved songs about Ronja and her universe. Ronja is a story about friendship, love and life and death. It's about Ronja's birth. When She is close to turn 14 years old she decided to move into the forest. There she meets for the first time a second child - Birk. Birk is Ronjas best friend. The enmity between their fathers - Mattis and Borka - forcing the two children to leave their families and move out of the forest. Out in the woods lurking dangers to Ronja and Birk on life. The two children know that they are in the woods, when winter comes, they will starve and die of cold But what do you do when your father is too obtuse to understand what is most important in life and at the same time being mad with grief over the loss of his daughter? come and join the play and find out more about her story. When: 19:00. Where: Culture Docken, North Harbour, Færgehavnsvej 35, Nordhavn. More info here
  • Gaming Concert - Score: National Symphony Orchestra, DR KoncerKorets and Troldspejlets joint concert is devoted to game music with the best symphonic music written for computer games in the last 25 years. Soloist Louise Fribo interprets several of the very best works and takes you on a musical journey that spans the genre's history and sucks you into the wonderful world of gaming. Enjoy the music of, among other Nobou Uematsu and Jeremy Soule from video games like JOURNEY, ASSASSIN'S CREED, Skyrim, FINAL FANTASY, HALO and many more. Dewy music from a completely new game Gaming-SCORE concert is a tribute to play music where composers and their works put in focus. And it is with great pleasure that the National Symphony Orchestra presents a world premiere in the DR Concert Hall on 27 and 28 January. It will be the first time music from the brand new action-adventure game THE LAST GUARDIAN performed live. So if you are a big game fan, come along and enjoy the concert. When: 19:30. Where: Concert Hall DR, DR Byen, Emil Holms Kanal 20, Copenhagen C. More info here.
  • The Snow Queen: Visit of the Finnish National Ballet. The Snow Queen is based on the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale from 1845 about friends Gerda and Kai. Gerda's grandmother has unsuspected bought an old mirror in Lapland, which is filled with black magic from the Snow Queen. Snow Queen orders now a troll and a bunch of evil dwarfs out to bring the mirror back. When they accidentally crushes the mirror, put a splinter stuck in Kai's eye. To get the piece back, kidnaps the boy Snow Queen. When: 19:30. (Admission: retail: 145-595 kr)Where: Opera, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Copenhagen K. More info here
  • Brazil Party at Loppen: Bafo do Mundo presents: Brazil Party. Rainhafest with Samba da Gente, DJ Simon de la Onda and live samba show with Bafo do Mundo. Do you dream of summer and sun in the middle of the cold and dark January? So invite Bafo do Mundo in the Brazilian party at Musikloppen in Christiania on Friday. January 27 2017. It is a warm evening with delicious drinks, a great samba show, the best Brazilian music and lots of dancing. When: 21:00- 04:00 Where: Musik Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, 1. sal, 1440 Christiania, København. More info here.


  • Flea market in the Round Tower: Make a bargain among the many flea stands in the Library Hall with clothing, housing matters and everything from the attic to both children and adults. When: 10:00-16:00.Where: Round Tower - Library Room, Copenhagen K. 
  • If. how? when? a hearing on marijuana, hemp and culture: Christiania is organizing this major consultation in the tradition of previous hearings on the subject. We invite politicians and experts from both home and abroad, and hope that they will learn from each other's experience and bring this experience further in their work. Read more. Organized by Christiania's Cultural Society.When: 13:00-19:00. (Free admission). Where: The Grey Hall, Christiania, Refshalevej 2, Copenhagen K. More info here
  • Teddy Bear Hospital: Come and get treated your sick teddy bear on the library. Medical students from the University of Copenhagen come and show kids how it is to be in the emergency room and in a hospital. It is free and for the whole family. When: 11:00-13:00. Where: Øbro Jagtvej Library, Jagtvej 227, Copenhagen Ø. More info here.
  • Islamic Art in the Indian world: Guided tour of the museum by Sannie Joy Johansen. Free tickets handed out in the foyer same day guided tour is held. There can not be reserved tickets. Maximum of 15 guests per. guided tour. When: 14:00 and 15:00 . Where: David Collection, Crown Princess 30-32, Copenhagen K. More info here.
  • Shadow Land ( Skyggeland): A monologue for three dancers in love violence is a  dance performance about love. And love's darker side. A girl is placed in an institution. She turned one down. One that said, I love you. And afterward - when the others in the class came and discovered them - said, I do not love you. You are inexpensive. No need to say that she is cheap. She has avenged himself. In its own way. When she took revenge, she was not alone. She was with shade. It was the shadow, who persuaded her to take revenge. Now she is in a place where she can not cast a shadow. Institution light is so strong. Almost like a burning sun. Still, she finds his shadow and overpowered again, so she can tell us his story.When: 17:00. Where: Dansehallerne, Bohr Street 19 (Pasteursvej 14-24), Copenhagen V. More info here

  • Wine & Dine with All Swing & Bossa: Tenor saxophonist Ole Schmidt and guitarist Jorgen Schaarup two seasoned jazz musicians who play in various musical contexts, have formed this minimalist and swinging constellation. The two musicians have among other game at Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Copenhagen Jazz Winter Festival and had two jazz concerts in Berlin in 2013. They play NEW ORLEANS, SWING, BLUES and EVERGREENS, including many of the great songs that were composed in the thirties and forties. Also Bossa Novaen, which became known via Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Monica Zetterlund and Lill Lindfors, are being tackled and individual Nordic folk tunes will probably also be included in the repertoire. When: 19:00. Where: Argentine Wine Bar Tango y Vinos, Herluf Trolle street 9, Copenhagen K. More info here.
  • Believe (Tro): Are you in the mood for some Dance Performance show? "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I believe in an eternal life. I believe in science. I believe in humanity. I believe in love. I believe in you. We think probably all at one time or another. It can be a god, freedom, science, love or perhaps ourselves. Faith can be very fabric of one's everyday life or an idea of ow the world is interconnected. Faith is gro-base for many communities, but also a myriad of conflicts. But what does faith actually how we navigate in a world where every day we find more and more to believe in and we can all live without faith?" What do you think?When: 19:30. Where: Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, Copenhagen NV. More info here.

SUNDAY (29th)

  • Sweet Sneak #18 – Wedding Edition: You love to eat wedding cakes, but you are not getting married? Or you actually ARE getting married and like to practice how to stylishly bite into a piece of cake and still look good on pictures? You are all invited to the next Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery dedicated to the celebration of love! Come and indulge in a lush wedding cake buffet filled with lovely layer cakes, fresh cupcakes and fine pastries and get in the mood for the upcoming wedding season. As always, to keep it more exciting, the exact location will be announced just the day before. Sweet Sneak is a Copenhagen-based pop-up bakery founded in 2013. Ever since they've been popping up with their cake tables in always different locations all over Copenhagen. When: 14:00-17:00. Where: BLAA GALLERI, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København. More info here
  • Life Stories | a photo exhibition: Come along and hear the story of 8 beautiful women's  struggles, victories and meeting with the Danish culture portrayed in both sound and picture. The exhibition Life Stories was first opened to visitors for Culture and now moves from the premises of the Immigrant Women Centre to Send More of spices spiseri in VerdensKulturCentret. The exhibition describes 8 beautiful women's stories of struggles, victories and meeting with the Danish culture portrayed in both sound and picture. Everyone is welcome. The exhibition will be open to visitors every day of the World Culture Centre's opening hours. When: 17-20. (Free admission). Where:VerdensKulturCentret, Nørre Allé 7, Copenhagen N. More info here.
WOOD CABIN & Ski tour

WOOD CABIN & Ski tour

The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 2

The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 2