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The Ultimate weekend guide - week 1

The Ultimate weekend guide - week 1

FRIDAY (6th)

  • Hello Vintage KBH - vintage clothing kilo market (200 kr per kilo) : Are you ready to start up your year with a vintage wardrobe? it is both sustainable and unique as you can find that one of a kind piece which is no longer available in stores. Come and join the Hello Vintage events. The concept is quite simple: you can pick and mix whatever pieces you like of vintage/retro clothing and pay 200kr for 1 kilo. Well you don't have to buy a kilo of clothes, this is just the system for measuring how much you will have to pay for the items that you have chosen. You will travel back all the way to 60-70-80-90's. They have clothes available for both men and women and unisex too. You can get a sneak-peaks of the wonderful items you can find on Hello Vintage KILO on their Instagram account hereWhen: Friday -16: 00 to 20:00 & Saturday: 10:00 to 16:00. where: KPH Volume, Enghavevej 80, 2450 Copenhagen. More info here. 


  • Winter Exhibition: There will be a group exhibition with the artists: Cristine Crebas, Pia Fonnesbech, Zoran Juresa, Anna Lindgren, Birte Ohsten, Hussein Tai, Lene Regius and Susanne Aamund. Come by the gallery and take a look at several art pieces.When: 11:00-16:00. (Free admission). Where: Bredgade Kunsthandel Bredgade 67-69, Copenhagen K. More info here.

  • Family Workshop: Pop-up cards: Are you up for a creative saturday? So join the library Rentemestervej on  fun adventure of creating funny books and cards with a fine tale that pops up in 3D when you open them. This is a family workshop, so everyone is welcome. The materials needed for the creative process will be avaliable. It takes place in workshops on the 3rd floor, admission is free, and registration is not required. When: 10:00-14:00. Where: The library Rentemestervej, Rentemestervej 76, Copenhagen NV. More info here

  • Saturday Open on Weaving Workshop: Have you ever wonder how do weavers weave?or is interested in weaving? Here it is possible to see a workshop with work in progress and finished products. When: 10:00-16:00. Where: Weaving Workshop, Smallegade 52 D, 1, Frederiksberg. More info here.  

  • Blastbeast.dk presents "The New S**t Showcase" at Pumpehuset: For the fourth year in a row  Blastbeast.dk buried in the hungry and raging underground, and found some of the most fresh and hungry metal bands forward to the series of articles "The New Shit"! Here you have the chance to listen to upcoming talent and presents. The event is organised along with Black Sunday on P6Beat that puts essential for all bands and have them presented played their music on the radio, and pump house in Copenhagen that puts delicious rooms for an annual showcase has borne fruit, both for metal environment and for the participating bands. When: 19:00 to 01:00. Where: The pump housing, Studiestræde 52, 1554 Copenhagen. More info here.
  • Vernissage "Big Emotions" Stephan Kopiczinski (DE): At the exhibition "Big Emotions" by Stephan Kopiczinskis in Gallery Copenhagen Art, you can among other things experience sculptures in surprising materials as for example: one of the sculptures of a stuffed animal in plastic wrap with colorful device upside down. Here you will have the change to see the winner of the Jury Prize's work, Stephan Kopiczinski. He exhibits both sculpture and fotgrafier under the title "Big Emotions". There you will also see the work from winners of the audience award, three young and very exciting photographers, David Lundbye, Asta Porsmose and Maja Nydal Eriksen.  When:  13:00-15:00. (Free admission). Where: Gallery kbh art, Baltic Søgade 34 kld., Copenhagen K. More info here.
  • Uncontrollable nature: The landscape under the microscope: The tour goes near the selected works, and a magnifying glass, At glyptotek they examine Théodore Rousseau (1812-67) technical universe where different painting methods and materials are mixed without regard to the academic tradition. Rousseau artistic vision extends from the very rich in detail to the highly expressive - the aesthetic variation is large. Here you can experience pink trees, golden light, tough texture and intense brushstrokes that magnifies the sensation of a dawning picturesque abstraction and the artist's wide-ranging experiments. There are a limited number of tickets for the free guided tours. Tickets can not be booked but picked up at the ticket office on the day. There handed maximum two tickets per. person.  You just need to buy the admission ticket  to the museum. When: at 14:00. Museum opening hours->Tuesday - Sunday 11:00-18:00 /Thursday 11:00-22:00. Where: Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Copenhagen V. More info here.  
  • Women in art - from west to east: Guided tour of the museum by Anders Kjær Rasmussen. Free tickets handed out in the foyer same day guided tour is held. There can not be reserved tickets. Maximum of 15 guests per. guided tour. When: at. 14:00 and 15:00 (Free admission). Where: David Collection, Crown Princess 30-32, Copenhagen K. More info here
  • Copenhagen Handball - Viborg HK: Are you up for some fun sporty Saturday? Come along and support Copenhagen's handball time on the game against Viborg HK. In order to see the game you have to buy tickets. When: 16:10. (Price: 50.00 DKK - 80.00 DKK). Where: Frederiksberghallen, Jens Jessen Road 20, Frederiksberg. More info contact kontakt@KBHBold.dk. or buy tickets here
  • Magnus Tempel + Ulrikke + M.E.T.A at RUST : Ulrikke Ulrikke is an upcoming artist who provides a dynamic and intimate perfomance. In 2011 she won the singer / songwriter contest Band Battle and the following year she participated in P3s KarriereKanonen, where she was chosen as one of the 14 finalists.

M.E.T.AM.E.T.A is dramatic electronic pop music imbued with a desire to bring elements from all the world's cultures into the Scandinavian melancholy. The duo formed by Maria and Andreas, who come from different backgrounds, and that reflects on their music which is a result of when you take a little of everything, boils it up and let it unfold. 

MAGNUS TEMPLES For two years ago took Magnus Tempel his guitar in hand and embarked playing on the Copenhagen and other europæriske metropolises streets. After countless hours on the street, singing and guitar playing - in the company of other buskers from around the world, Magnus Tempel now taken his own compositions into the heat. Inspired by everything from people to bossanova takes Magnus Tempel you into its universe with personal lyrics and tempered, groovy guitar playing FB Event. When: 20:30. ( admission 40kr). Where: Rust, Guldbergsgade 8, Copenhagen N. More info here.

SUNDAY (8th)

  • Danish on a Sunday / Danish films- in english or with english subtitles: Twice a month at cinemateket , you will have the chance to watch classic danish movies or a highly acclaimed new production with English subtitles. This Sunday you will kunna watch 'The Neon Demon' directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.  The Tickets are 75 DKK (50 DKK for members of the Cinematheque) and can be booked and purchased online. ' The Neon Demon' i s about a  young fashion model Jesse to Los Angeles. Here is a group of women in the fashion industry quickly engulfed by her youthfulness and emerging seksualitet- and they will do what it takes to become like her. Before you enjoy the movie you will also have the chance to grab a nice cup of coffee with Danish pastry (or a piece of cake) from the Restaurant SULT to an extra cost of only 40 DKK. When: 14:15. Where: Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K. More info here
 Illustration: © Musée Rodin. Auguste Rodin, 'back turned nude woman with arms raised', ca. 1900th

Illustration: © Musée Rodin. Auguste Rodin, 'back turned nude woman with arms raised', ca. 1900th

  • Guided tour: Volatile moments - Drawings by Auguste Rodin: Lying, standing, walking and floating female bodies drawn with a quick dash across the paper. Join omviseren explore SMK's exhibition. Drawings, one of art history's great masters, Auguste Rodin, developed his art, which in the 1800s revolutionized the way you had previously worked with sculpture. An exhibition that focuses on the work that created the basis for Rodin's dramatic sculptures. Join the guided tour as part of your day ticket( access to museum). Tickets for the guided tour can be downloaded at the information from 30 minutes before the guided tour begins.  When: 15:00 to 15:45. (Free with day ticket). Where: National Gallery of Art, Silver Street 48-50, Copenhagen K. More info here. 
  • Blues club:  Are you up for some  fun couple dance that can be danced by all? You do not have to be a dancer or had experience it before. All you need is to have a partner with or have high ambitions to enjoy dancing with others. Learn the basics of blues of join in social dance when there's Blues Club in Dansekapellets evocative domed room. For those who are curious to learn the dance, there is an introduction from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The admission is free and age is from 15 years and up. When:18:00. (Free). Where: Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, Copenhagen NV. More info here
  • Our Urban Living Room: Experience a unique concept where the audience besides visiting the exhibition in the DAC can also take a visit to Cobe architects and get close to some of the buildings Cobe has built within walking distance of DAC. Through six main themes guided tour unfolds the ways architects work includes context, culture, materials and architecture as a basis for democratic processes. Experience 1: 1 mock ups, detail-packed models and the story of a drawing as the past decade has contributed to a further development of the Danish architectural tradition by creating urban spaces and buildings that improves our quality of life in the foremost way.  Want to learn more about Cobe, or just can not get enough, you have the opportunity to continue the tour in Christianshavn, and visit a variety of projects on sight. It ends at Papirøen with a visit to Cobes studio and Copenhagen Street Food - an urban living by the harbour. When:13:00-13:45 Where: Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, 1401 København K. Free when the entrance to the exhibition is paidMore info here. 
  • Guided Nordisk Film: Nordisk Film welcome on his historical films in Valby, which since 1906 has been part of Denmark. Come on an exciting tour of the famous film studios and see among other things, the world's oldest film studio and get awakened memories to life. The tour guide telling funny anecdotes and stories from the film's story, and you get a unique opportunity to get behind the scenes of Scandinavia's leading film company.  You can buy / order tickets for this event hereWhen: The date and time is optional, unless we are already booked. (Admission: 100-125 kr). Where: Nordisk Film A / S, Mosedalvej 14, Valby. More info here. 

  • Recycling Christmas tree: Have you ever wonder what happens to the christmas trees after the christmas period is over? Join an open air event where you can see how Christmas trees turned into wood chips that can be used in green areas - in line with local and non-toxic care of green areas. The nature guides tell about winter birds and bird feeding, and there will be activities for both children and adults. See the Christmas tree to be tiled and take any. tile home garden or farm Make your own nesting box and mejseklokke, cut a feeding rack and other good things of the Christmas tree Make pancakes Greens Girl Scouts in Frederiksberg. Get served cookies and hot drinks. When: 11:00-15:00. (Free admission). Where: Lindevangsparken, Finsensvej / Dalgas Boulevard, Frederiksberg. 

The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 2

The Ultimate CPH weekend guide - week 2

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