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I am one of those lucky women who became a mother by serendipity at a young age. I was only 23 when I got my first daughter Khloé.

People often think they know the pros and cons of becoming a mother at such a young age but the truth is, you will only know once you are dealing with the situation yourself because no matter how much people think they know, only you know what is best for you at any given time. I had to find it within myself and believe that this had happened for a reason and that I could get through a pregnancy and still be able to go to university, meet my friends, and pursue my goals in life.

Well, for those of you open-minded people I thought I’d share with you my story and my experience of being a mom of 2 daughters at a relative young age.

My mother had me when she was 21, and at that time she had to drop out of school, as my father died in a car accident when I was only three years old. So, my mother raised me as a single mom together with my grandmother’s support.  They both taught me how to be determined, and self-reliant by always pushing me to go further and by always believing in me.

Sometimes life happens in the form of a child at a time that you are not quite done with discovering yourself. Being a young mother goes against the odds and the stereotypes of a society that encourages you to have kids after you have gotten all your desired weekend drinks, great sex, monthly getaways, promotions at work, and blind shopping.

Becoming a mother at a young age forces you to grow up and be more responsible and mature towards decisions you make, however there is no book or class to fully prepare you for the adventures you are about to endure as a parent.  I can assure you that no one is ever ready to take on the role of a parent and that raising a child is difficult regardless of how old you are.

Some days you are completely exhausted from when you wake up until when you go to bed, and probably you won’t get that much of sleep either, but on the other hand, if you were just a 23 year old with no kids, the situation probably wouldn’t be that different - just with a hangover too. So you could say that it is a win-win situation! If you are an older mother, you might have more life experience/wisdom, but I can guaranty you that regardless of how long you have lived, being a mom will be the most difficult job you will ever have.

Becoming a mom before you have found your identity or true self is tough! It can make it more challenging for you to follow your path or make your goals harder to reach, but on the other hand it helps clear your vision of who you want to be and what you would like to achieve in life.  It gives you motivation to accomplish your goals and makes you become a kind of superhero! It also takes a lot of sacrifice and there is always a new challenge or a new conflict to overcome, but you never stop learning! So, actually you learn how to be a mom by becoming one.

Overall, all the good things will defeat the bad ones and your life will take on a completely different meaning.

You will for sure become someone’s hero and that someone will be calling you "mamma".


My daugther's names

My daugther's names