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My daugther's names

My daugther's names

As parents you most likely have given many thought about what names should you choose for your newborn. Many of you have maybe decided to name your baby after your mother's, father or grandmother's name, or after your favourite actor, singer or perhaps you have "googled" the currently  most popularnames right?

Names. Everyone has one, however most people probably have a vague idea about what their own name means and few think about it once in a while. Haven't someone popped out the question - What does your name means?

Usually when people ask this question they are most likely referringto the" meaning of a name"- the etymology which is the original literal meaning of a name. However the study of names is called onomastics which is a field that involves history, anthropology, psychology, linguistics, sociology , philology among other sciences. 

Anyway, the names you choose or were chosen for you might not truly reveal who you are as an individual but it does affect somehow your life experiences. So,  names does matter! It creates your personality, the conditions in your life and it activates the potential within your universe.

So, as a new parent you can say that one of your very first task is already given to you even before your child is born. Well, some people also decide to name their kids after they are born because they like to look at the baby's face and see what name suits their look but either way, as a parent you are given the task to chose the name for your kids.

Today, I would like to share with you about my thoughts and choices related to my daughter's names.

My first daughter's name is Khloé Sophia. 

Khloé was born in April, so I wanted to give her a name that was somehow related with the Spring season. April is when the flowers start blooming, so I could not have chosen a Spring name as perfect as Khloé which literally means Blooming ( the young green foliage or shoots of plants.

According to the greek mythology the name Khloé is an epithet of the greek Goddess Demeter which was the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general.

My second daughter Ivy was born 4 years later in February 6th.  I wanted to find a name that somehow was conected  with Khloe and February month. 

The name Ivy in the language of flowers signifies faithfulness. Ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as symbol of fidelity. It is also associated with the leaves and vine of the ivy plant, which remain green year round and it often symbolize immortality. The plant was associated with the Greek god of wine Dionysus(who wore a crown of ivy) was also considered to be a sacred plant of the Greek god, Dionysus and also a symbol for the goddess Hebe.

So both my daughter's names  (Khloé and Ivy) were originated from Greek Goddess (Dionysus and Demeter) and are related with the nature, but in particular plants and flowers.

What about you? What is the meaning behind your kids names?





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