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In Her Universe 01 - Francesca Padoan

In Her Universe 01 - Francesca Padoan

When it comes to integrate the concept of sustainability in fashion, the designer plays such an important role, as fashion is a “river with multiple ramifications”; when sustainable design approaches are introduced, it can potentially impact the fashion world on many levels.
Therefore, when it comes to practising sustainable design, designers should make an effort to achieve systems that can exist indefinitely which neither sacrifices the people’s needs nor their environment.
 In order to minimize unsustainable issues related to the design processes, several designers are considering ways of redefining or optimizing the design, e.g. reducing energy consumption by eliminating the production of waste materials, and considering the sentimental value, the life and the reutilization possibilities of the product and materials.

Today, IN HER UNIVERSE would like to invite you to hear a story of a fashion designer who is working with sustainable designs by implementing the zero waste and reuse of material approach within her creations.


Francesca Padoan had an Universe inside her waiting to be explored. An universe where fashion designs are translated into  beautiful pieces that at the same time attempt to minimize the impacts during the production phase.   

As fashion designer Francesca's Italian background plays an important role in her work. She is always interested in exploring new materials and techniques to use in her work. Her signature look is about mixing different textiles and fabrics while maintaining sophistication with a modern touch.  Francesca always consider the sustainable aspect in her work, as she likes to customize and re-use second hand items and is constantly striving for zero waste both in the use of fabrics and the patterns.

"I strongly believe that Sustainability should not only be a lifestyle choice dictated by an increasingly pressing need to respect and preserve our environment but also a way to push our creativity.
With the current prevailing international and scientific communities’ consensus that points towards a critical moment in the Earth’s evolution with great exposure to man-made climate changes, immediate and extensive action is now crucial.As person I would define myself as a "simple woman", practical and sensitive and my design represents me in all this aspects.

The world of fashion with its large economic and social-cultural impact has both the
obligation and the chance to play a key role in the coming years by turning what could be considered a potential limitation to growth and profitability into a positive challenge and an opportunity."
- Francesca Padoan


A capsule collection with its focus on "re-born" fabrics that are left over fabrics "melted" with a special process creating new fabrics. A mixture of several materials and fabrics as new which people would not even notice that the pieces were made from something old.

Francesca did a research,  particularly focusing on the Italian market about why people are more attracted to new clothes rather then recycled or up-cycled clothes. The results showed that it was due to the fact that during the war, the population had suffered  and had gone through such a bad period where the poverty was seen as a very sad situation in which consequently has affected the way people react towards old things.

Her research also highlighted that when consumingre-born materials/ fabrics for example with all the leftover fabrics we have so far we can create a huge impact as it is possible to produce many different new fabrics from them in which can be used for the next 10 even more years.

She also stated that In countries such as Denmark, people are more open minded in relation to recycled products and the reason is because the war didn't touch Denmark as much as it did in Italy. For this reason Italians are more towards new clothes and care less about sustainability.
In my opinion this could be a good compromise to make up between people who are skeptical about recycle clothes and sustainability.

Non è mai troppo tardi per diventare quello che sei sempre stato”- Francesca

Francesca is currently stablishing her brand. You can take a look at some of her previous projects here or follow her on Instagram. 

Photography by : Johnny Lindahl - @Lindahraw

Designs  and MUA by : Francesca Padoan 

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In Her Universe 00

In Her Universe 00