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Conscious gifts for Valentine's day.

Conscious gifts for Valentine's day.

Every February 14th, across the globe, specially in USA, many gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of Saint Valentine. This is no different here. Even though is not a danish tradition to celebrate valentine's day, many people have been influenced by the American culture and had  somehow brought the holiday to Denmark. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these tradition originally come from? Some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated  to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial whom died in the name of love. Well i will not go into details but you are welcome to read more here.

 Valentine's day is right at the corner but If i had to define my relationship with Valentine's day through Facebook status , i would have to state that  "it's complicated".  The whole ideology that you we all have a specific day where we are suppose to show someone how much we love them forces us into a spiral of anxiety where we are somehow forcedto articulate our feelings. Besides, it is an over- consumption driven holiday that encourages us to commodify our relationships and evaluate how much we're loved by how much someone spends on us. Consequently driving people to shop more and the shops to produce more things in order to fulfil the costumer's demand. You might not know but many traditional romantic gifts have a huge impact on the environment, so do your part and go green this Valentine’s Day because being romantic should not cost the environment. Did you know that just the paper industry contributes a staggering 10% to global carbon emissions? So why not upcycle your own card from an old greetings card? Or maybe even decide not to do one? However If you still feel that you have to buy one for the sake of romance at least make sure it's a recycled one. Besides, just on valentine's day a huge amount of couples will go on dates to hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars generating thousands of tonnes of food waste.

To guide you on your choices, I’ve listed some ideas of how you can express your feelings and where you can get the perfect sustainable, eco-friendly, and conscious gift for your beloved ones.  However, have in mind that homemade Valentine can be way more meaningful than something you find in a store.

  • Fair Trade & organic chocolates:

1) Summerbird; 2) Fair Trade Kakao ; 3) Candies; 4) Original Beans.

  • Organic, Biodinamic or vegan wines:

1) Chateau la Baronne ; 2);  Fasoli Gino ; 3) Camino; 4) Cotê de Provence

  • Soy ecological candles:

1) Soy ecologist candles; 2) Soyalys; 3) 100% biovoks

  • Organic lingeries:

1) Etique; 2) Nordskind ; 3) Purløg og Persille; 4); Underprotection; 5) Woron; 6) Tricotage ; 7) Anekdot;

  • Cosmetics, bath and massage oils:

1) Bath Salt; 2)Argandia massage oil ; 3)Body balm ; 4); 5); 

  • Organic Flowers or plants:

1) Vildvioler blomster; 2) Greenify plants ; 3) Posy

  • Something from a vintage store: see some of my favourites here.
  • Upcycle a greeting card yourself;

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in Her Universe 03 - Simona Uvarovaite

in Her Universe 03 - Simona Uvarovaite