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 Transparency Now!

Transparency Now!

Today, I would like to open a discussion which had been addressed by several fashion activists.


Can you even answer to this question with a 100% certainty of the whole journey, starting from the natural resources used to produce them until they end up on your closet hangers?

Throughout the story of fashion – more precisely in the past – everybody knew who their tailor was or who repaired their shoes and clothes and in many cases, they were even handmade by the users themselves. It was a journey about creativity, craftsmanship, tradition and personal aspirations. Each pieces of garment carried out with them a story. Many of this pieces were carried out through the family members as a symbol of heritage and tradition. Even though they did not have the same industrial and technological development which are accessible today, people still knew how to take better care of their garments and could repair them to expend its lifetime.

Nowadays, these stories, values and skills are no longer visible by all. We all seem to be somehow disconnected from the nature, from the people behind our clothing supply chain. It is certainly not enough to know the name of the brand or company who produce or made your clothes. We need to bring these stories of how, by whom and where our clothes were made back to life. We should all have the right to know!

I believe that when addressing complex global challenges like the case of transparency throughout the value chain, the collective power of our individual actions can indeed make a difference. We are all interconnected in ways than ever before.

The decisions we make in our day to day lives directly affect the lives of people in distant places. Fashion Footprint wants to help you make the right decisions and show, through human stories, the positive difference your actions make.

 The fashion industry is the second most polluting and the fourth largest industry in the world with an increasingly consumer demand. People are buying more and more clothes while clothing production has a noticeable impact on social, economic and political processes.

 Throughout our own choices, we can all be part of a fashion movement that changes the world in a direction that benefits us all.

 How can our personal purchasing choices help save the world?

Well, as consumers, we all make choices every day. It’s all about the choices we make. We must learn how our buying habits and decisions affect the lives of people around the world, specially in the developing countries (where most production are placed) to leave a more positive footprint.

All I am saying is that, when presented with a choice, choose the more transparent one. The one that goes in line with your values as a human.

 I’m urging you to think beyond your buying habits. Encouraging you to become an activist rather than only a conscious consumer. I want you all to challenge the status quo by facing the current challenges and issues we are facing because of the fashion industry. Let’s all taking up the fight by supporting the right causes.

From 24th to 30th April you can be part of the biggest global Fashion Revolution movement campaign for a better future for the Fashion Industry. It is a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. A revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, to ensure that the clothes in which we all wear has been made in a safe, clean and fair way. Join the Journey revealing stories about the clothes we all have. Want to know more about it? Read here. or check the Fashion revolution website.

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In Her Universe 04 - Kirstine Marie Hansen

In Her Universe 04 - Kirstine Marie Hansen

in Her Universe 03 - Simona Uvarovaite

in Her Universe 03 - Simona Uvarovaite